The James Beard Market will shape Portland’s connection to our region’s abundant foods, diverse cultures, and finally, to the river that defines our city’s history.

The 2015 conceptual preliminary design for the James Beard Public Market captures the essence of Portland’s market history and its DNA while daring to mark new architectural territory. Form and function merge to become the food hub for the city’s future, bringing healthy, fresh, local foods and beverages within easier reach for all of our citizens.

The design team, led by the Oslo and New York-based Snøhetta, inspired a novel way to interpret an ancient institution: a central market. Portland’s long history of fresh markets dates to before the city’s founding. Native tribes traded for millennia before Europeans arrived at what now would be downtown Portland along the Willamette River.

Portland now has the opportunity to proudly define a new generation of markets and share with cities throughout the world the riches that a signature public market offers—something missing in our civic culture.

Please join the effort to create the public market that Portland deserves. We need YOU to be the “Public” in the James Beard Public Market. There are many ways to become involved: donate, attend an event, or volunteer.


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