The Mission

To establish a daily, year-round venue that showcases our region’s bounty, promotes sustainable agricultural practices, encourages healthy eating, and provides entrepreneurial opportunities for those who produce and sell the food we eat.

Core Values

Food. Enhancing access to fresh local food, promoting sound and affordable nutrition, and celebrating the culinary arts.
Legacy. Reviving Portland’s public market history, honoring the site’s past prominence in Native American trade, and embracing James Beard, Oregon’s native son and the dean of American cookery.
Economic Opportunity. Supporting food producers from across Oregon and the Pacific Northwest and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of food-related businesses and the jobs they create.
Equity and Social Responsibility. Acting with fairness for all and with a fundamental sense of responsibility towards our diverse and marginalized communities and our environment.
Education. Sharing knowledge of food, culinary heritage, and healthy eating through educational programs, cooking classes, and interaction among shoppers, farmers, producers, vendors, and chefs.


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